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Coca-Cola launches film about lifting humanity during challenging times – The Drum

In celebration of International Workers’ Day, Coca-Cola announced a message of gratitude to individuals helping make our world a better place during the pandemic. The film is called ‘For the Human Race’ and tells the side of two stories showing a negative depiction of a world we’ve learned to live during COVID-19, and juxtaposing it against messages of positivity and hope. The ad uses global images and video clips of real people using their compassion to overcome daily challenges, including frontline workers and celebrating birthdays by social distancing.

Facebook claims its new chatbot beats Google’s as the best in the world – MIT Technology Review

Chatbots have always been a little frustrating to deal with. With the current times, bots are growing in popularity for everything from retail to health care to financial services. Facebook, recently open-sourced a new chatbot named Blender that claims it can talk about nearly anything engagingly and interestingly. Facebook even tested this and found that 75% of human evaluators found Blender more engaging than Google’s chatbot, and 67% found it to sound more like a human.

The ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie collaboration is back: Chewbacca, but make it fashion – Fast Company

May the Fourth Be With You was observed this week, and to celebrate, Barbie announced its second line of dolls inspired by the Star Wars franchise. The C-3PO, a Stormtrooper, Rey, and Chewbacca dolls are not exact replicas of the characters, but reimaged “through a high-fashion filter.” The Star Wars x Barbie partnership is available for preorder on Amazon.

Source: Mattel

Brands are making up their content shortfalls by repurposing assets more creatively – Digiday

Today’s digital landscape continues to face complexity as brands need more content, but are having difficulty to meet the demands of volume, scale, speed and high-quality output. A recent report found that 70 percent of brands are already dedicating more time to creating content for campaigns than they would prefer. These four tips can help marketing teams fix that and bridge the content gap.