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3 Marketing Lessons From Kylie Jenner’s ‘Rise And Shine’ Viral Moment – Forbes

A video of Kylie Jenner singing to her daughter went viral last week, generating an influx of memes relating to the billionaire’s vocal rendition. Celebrities embraced the video, and Jenner’s ‘Rise and Shine’ grew in digital popularity, experiencing over 2.5 million #RiseAndShine hashtags on Instagram and the #RiseAndShineChallenge trending on Twitter and Tik Tok. The world’s youngest billionaire capitalized on the buzz and integrated her viral moment into her product and marketing strategy. Jenner quickly created merchandise and email marketing campaigns connecting to the sensational video to engage fans.

GQ’s ‘new masculinity’ approach extends to makeup and beyond – Glossy

GQ is combating toxic masculinity by bringing male beauty front-and-center in the magazine’s November issue. The addition will feature actors, influencers and musicians, in makeup, accompanied by their personal beauty tips. In a time where male shoppers are increasingly willing to spend on beauty and grooming, GQ is providing a platform for male role models to express themselves through fashion, style, and beauty.

GQ Male Beauty
Source: GQ

Gen Z and Their Power – WWD

For brands to succeed today, they need to understand the new power of a rising generation. Gen Zs values power and believe they can rally together to affect change. Additionally, as the generation has not known a life without the internet, companies that many people view as innovative or disruptive might not hold the same notion with the rising generation. Brands must think and act differently and learn what motives this generation of consumers in order to remain relevant in the shifting marketplace.

Gen Z Shoppers
Source: WWD

Hey Alexa, inspire me — Adobe launches new skill aimed at sparking creativity – Digital Trends

Amazon’s Alexa can now double as your creative muse. As a result of a recent survey that suggests that 89-percent of respondents struggle to find inspiration, Adobe launched a new Alexa skill called Adobe Inspiration Engine. With the skill installed, Alexa can share insightful quotes, creative exercises, or, on devices with screens, inspiring images as a way to jump-start your creativity. Adobe hopes that this new skill will inspire the creative minds who are struggling to find daily, or even weekly, inspiration.

Alexa sparks creativity
Source: Adobe

Sony launches a $250 version of its Koov robot coding kit – Engadget

Sony launched a smaller, more affordable version of Koov, its candy-colored coding toy for kids, as it looks to train the next generation of young innovators. A Koov kit contains blocks, motors and sensors that kids can put together to create robots and small programmable machines. The objective is to introduce science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) subjects to children in a fun way to ignite kids’ interest in STEAM subjects and better prepare them with the skills needed for their future careers. The new Koov Trial Kit hopes to alleviate the funding issue associated with these subjects in schools.

Sony Koov robot
Source: Sony