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Here Come the Fake Videos, Too – The New York Times

Until recently, realistic computer-generated video was a challenging task accessible to big-budget Hollywood productions or cutting-edge researchers. Social media apps like Snapchat include some face-morphing technology. But, a new form of digital media manipulation has come into play called “deepfake,” in which fake videos can easily be created using artificial intelligence software. 

Source: The New York Times


Segway’s new scooter is a cute, $1,300 rolling robot that carries your stuff and follows you around — and it’s straight out of science-fiction – Business Insider

Segway Robotics launched a new scooter named Loomo, a cross between a Segway scooter and an Amazon Echo. This two-wheel transport responds to voice commands, take pictures on request, and acts as a telepresence robot that’s controlled remotely. It’s practically a real-life R2D2. 

Source: Business Insider


How Machine Learning is Changing the Face of Business Communication – Information Age

It’s been said that companies are shaped by its employees. Recently, the evolution of the digital age has shifted this mindset to data as an organization’s biggest asset. Machine learning is changing workplace communications, and its goal is to streamline the process of collaboration, big ideas, and creativity among employees. 

Source: Information Age


HQ Trivia Is Dictating When and How Consumers Use Apps and Inspiring a Host of Imitators – Adweek

Every day, twice a day, the live mobile app game show sensation, HQ Trivia, poses 12 questions and three possible answers to eager users competing for a cash prize. As a digital version of Jeopardy! or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, HQ has been downloaded more than 5 million times since its launch in August 2017.



Social Media Use in 2018 – Pew Research Center

A new study from Pew examined the social media landscape of early 2018. Results showed that a majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube, but young adults are heavy users of Snapchat and Instagram. Facebook remains the primary platform and most widely used social media channel.