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Toyota’s Talking Car Wants to be Your Cling BFF – The Wall Street Journal

Toyota’s new futuristic vehicle ‘Yui’ equipped with an AI system gauges your mood, indulges in personal chitchat, and offers to drive if it senses you’re sleepy or distracted. The company plans to start testing cars with ‘Yui’ on Japanese roads in 2020.

Here’s why video is the future of content marketing – The Next Web

Every day people turn to their phones to retrieve or create content they desire. In particular, video content is quickly emerging to be one of the best marketing mediums.

We tried Amazon’s new feature that lets you virtually try out furniture before you buy it – and we saw how it could change how you shop online – Business Insider

In a new augmented reality feature from Amazon, customers can see what some products look like in their homes. The popularity of shopping online is increasing, and this new tool could be a breakthrough for furniture and home décor retailers.

Brands are using influencers of to reach teens – Digiday

Brands like Disney and Kit Kat are using influencers to help grow the app’s user base. With over 200 million mostly teen users, the lip-syncing app makes for an easy fit for movies studios and record labels.

Grubhub’s new ad is designed like an old-school video game to make you order more food – Business Insider

Grubhub doesn’t want you to just use its app to order food, it also wants to use it for your entertainment. “Food’s Here” is a gamified ad aimed to immerse and engage users when ordering food from its app.