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5 Ways To Bring Customers Back This Holiday Season – Forbes

How can businesses make the most of the holiday season, at a time when ad costs rise and capturing new customers becomes more challenging? The author shares five practical methods to help brands meet Q4 revenue goals, while efficiently utilizing marketing budgets.

Prepare Your Holiday Marketing Playbook Today With These 5 Insights-Driven Tips – The Drum

With the holiday promotions season starting earlier each year, how can your brand make the most out of promotional campaigns? This playbook provides invaluable insights and actionable steps based on last year’s holiday marketing efforts, detailing what worked and what didn’t.

16 Ways To Prepare For The Next Holiday Campaign – Fast Company

Looking to capture the attention of cautious consumers in today’s uncertain economy? 16 experts share a range of strategies, from leveraging historical data and artificial intelligence tools to forging strong partnerships with influencers. Check out the full article and get ready to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Consumers Are Celebrating (And Shopping For) The Holidays Like It’s 2019: Report – Marketing Brew

Is holiday cheer making a comeback? Here’s a quick summary of Deloitte’s 2023 Holiday Retail Survey. Find out how this year’s holiday spending is shaping up to be a return to pre-pandemic levels and what that means for the market.