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From holograms to wearables: how we’ll be watching the Super Bowl in 10 years – The Drum

The Kansas City Chiefs won its first Super Bowl since 1970, a few years after the innovation of color TV in the U.S. Now, the HD colors of our Super Bowl broadcasts are the norm. In 2030, 10 years from now, streaming the game, VR headsets in our home, and watching hologram replays may be just as routine.

Source: The Drum

KFC sneaks ads onto Spotify Premium by taking over artist profiles – The Verge

Dubai-based ad agency and KFC Arabia found a way to dodge Spotify Premium’s ad-free platform. Together they took over the profiles of three artists from the region to replace their profile headers, album covers, and profile avatars with photos of KFC’s new burger. They were even able to alter artist bios to read like menu ingredients, and direct users to upcoming events to visit the nearest KFC locations.

Source: Design Taxi

Snapchat launches Bitmoji TV: zany 4-min cartoons of your avatar – TechCrunch

Snapchat is bringing new weekly videos to your app with Bitmoji TV. The social media company’s 147 million active users with a Bitmoji, will be put into a variety of funny animated situations like cartoon SNL. Bitmoji TV will have its own Snapchat Show page where users can subscribe to notifications and see new episodes on the Discover Page.

Starbucks created an all-purple menu to win over BTS-obsessed K-pop fans in Korea. Here’s why the coffee giant should bring the BTS menu to America – Business Insider

Starbucks and K-pop group BTS recently partnered to debut a limited-time menu items and merchandise to raise money for disadvantaged youth in South Korea. The all-purple menu includes items that were, of course, Instagram-ready with one of them being the chain’s second-most viral drink of all time. With such success, there could be more opportunities for the coffee giant to team up with pop stars.

Source: Business Insider