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Inside Equinox’s updated beauty and wellness merchandising strategy – Glossy

The luxury gym chain Equinox is expanding beyond health and fitness into beauty and wellness. The company announced new product collaborations with brands including Uma Oils, Starskin, and Welleco, which products range from candles and wellness oils to detox face masks and cute sundry pouches. Equinox plans to stake a claim to the broader market of luxury self-care, as it moves beyond athletic brand partnerships that currently include Lululemon and Nike.

How Apple is suddenly a player in an unlikely Hollywood realm — The Washington Post

Last week Apple announced a partnership with A24, the film production company behind “Lady Bird,” “Moonlight,” “Room,” and many others. As part of this partnership, Apple and A24 will produce a number of feature films together. This announcement ends years of speculation as to whether or when the tech giant would enter the film sector. Now, Netflix and Amazon have one more competitor in the arena.

Source: The Washington Post

Inside The Pricey War To Influence Your Instagram Feed – Wired

Sahara Lotti launched Lashify, a false lash startup, in 2017. She was an expert in lashes and cosmetics. In the realm of influencer marketing, Lotti was unaware and unprepared. This article by Wired demonstrates Lotti’s experience of getting dragged by a competitor into the opaque, persuasive, and extremely expensive world of influencer marketing.

Source: Wired

Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence — The New York Times

Artificial intelligence is growing more intelligent and less artificial. Google recently revealed a new computer system called Bert that can communicate in natural and “human-like” ways. This development in artificial intelligence marks an end to rigid, robotic, and somewhat unreliable bot-talk. Improved predictive and creative technology will increase efficiency in hospitals, law firms, banks, etc. However, it also means bots can more convincingly imitate humans on the internet.

Source: New York Times