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The Biggest Branding Mistakes Too Many Companies Make – Fast Company

The term “brand purpose” gets bandied around a lot in marketing circles, which makes sense. It’s shiny, it’s attractive, and from the outside it fits right in with our fast-paced, socially aware culture. Consumers increasingly want transparency—we know that—and brand purpose seems like the answer. It’s achingly close to the answer. But the truth is, it’s your business, not your brand that needs purpose.

FMCG And Influencer Marketing: A Power Couple – The Drum

Many people consider industries like fashion, travel or health and fitness to be natural partners for influencer marketing. But as a result of the past year, we have seen fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands accelerate into this space; many have shifted their spending towards influencer marketing to drive consumers to buy their everyday products online.

Augmented Reality Ads See Better Reception Than Other Digital Formats – AdWeek

Whether trying on virtual sunglasses over Instagram or touching up appearances on a Zoom call, people have by and large grown more comfortable with augmented reality tech during the pandemic. That newfound familiarity could pose opportunities for an ad format not always associated with gripping engagement: mobile advertising.

Source: Purina

Panera Introduces Swimwear As A Soup Side – Ad Age

July is arguably the hottest month of the year, but that doesn’t sway soup aficionados from diving into a bowl of their favorite hot dish. Restaurant chain Panera Bread launched a summer swim line, complete with a bread bowl floaty and broccoli cheddar-printed swimwear to stir up an offseason interest in one of their most popular dishes.

Source: Panera

How Brands Are Grappling With TikTok’s Comment Section – AdWeek

Some brands may be worried about negative feedback, but disabling the feature might do more harm than good. Reading through the comments section of any brand’s social media could induce a hot flash even in the most buttoned-up brands, as GenZ is increasingly quick-witted and blunt with their opinions. While others argue it opens the space for constructive criticism in real time.

Source: ChefBoyRG