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Here’s how brands are captivating global audiences with special marketing campaigns ahead of the Summer Olympics. 

Paris Tourism Chief: Olympics Is About Marketing, Not Visitor Numbers – Skift

Highlighting new sports like breakdancing and skateboarding in iconic locations across Paris, the event is set to redefine the city’s image. In this interview, the director of Paris’s tourism board discusses why the upcoming Summer Olympics will offer much more than just a short-term economic boost.

Powerade’s Olympic Campaign Encourages Athletes To Press Pause – Marketing Brew

While many campaigns echo the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” this brand’s new campaign emphasizes the power of taking breaks for mental and physical strength. Featuring Simone Biles and other athletes, the “Pause is Power” platform highlights personal stories of resilience and recovery, aiming to connect deeply with consumers. 

P&G Shifts Focus To Brands For Paris Olympics Ads – Fast Company

What’s missing from P&G’s Paris Olympics ads? Instead of its usual emotional corporate campaigns, P&G is highlighting over 30 individual brands like Pampers, Gillette, and Ariel. The author dives into this shift and discusses how it ties the Olympics with the everyday relevance of P&G’s products, particularly in Europe, the host region.

How Brands Are Going For Gold At The Paris Olympics – MM+M

While the Olympics will take place in France, many Asian brands are actively leveraging this event to grow awareness with increased ad spend and special marketing strategies. The article highlights some of the best platforms to engage young fans and the keys to standing out in the summer of 2024.