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How the Marketing Industry is Responding to the Ukraine War – AdAge

In response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, brands are taking a stand. To show their support, Publicis guaranteed salaries for Ukrainian employees for the duration of 2022. Airbnb is offering to house 100,000 refugees. Other companies have cut ties or paused relationships with Russia in light of the invasion. 

How to Make Multichannel Marketing Your Strategy for 2022 – Forbes

Multichannel marketing uses several technologies and strategies to advance campaign goals and diversify customer interactions with a brand. This allows businesses to collect higher-quality data, developing a more comprehensive customer profile. Be sure to optimize newsletters and ads for mobile viewing and stay true to core brand messaging. 

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Denny’s Refreshes 24/7 Heritage with Help of Diverse TikTok Stars – Marketing Dive

To showcase its focus on diversity while honoring its heritage as a 24/7 diner, Denny’s is rolling out a new initiative called “Open for Anything.” Its campaign involves TikTok influencers in developing original, limited-edition menu items rather than simply “hacking” existing selections. To keep up with online-ordering trends following the pandemic, it also released a mobile app. 

Source: Mike Morzart via Flickr

7 Keys to Long-Term Business Health Through Thinking Like an Entrepreneur – Inc.

In order to sustain a forward-thinking business, an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial. Rather than getting caught up in data from the past, be sure to forecast market changes. Removing penalties for employee risk-taking can encourage innovation by allowing market experimentation. Reward team problem-solving over rote hours-logged and involve employees in leadership decisions when possible.   

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