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How internet popularity killed authenticity – Fast Company

A simple picture of an egg has over 52 million likes making it the most liked photo on Instagram. It’s clear that people are greatly influenced by what they see on social media. Social influence rests on people habitually relying on others to know what to read, listen to, and buy. The social influence market is just like any market, using currency (taste) to build capital (social status).

Source: Fast Company

How TikTok Is Rewriting the World – The New York Times

TikTok is a new video app that will change the way your social media works. The app has become so popular that it’s reportedly 500 million users strong. Users have all a variety of tools to create a video including filters, searching for sounds, and responding to video by means of “duets.” TikTok is constantly learning from users and over time, builds a seemingly complex but deep model of what they tend to watch.

Neiman Marcus Plays Up ‘Retail Theater’ In Its First New York City Store At Hudson Yards – Forbes

Luxury department store Neiman Marcus is opening its first-ever namesake flagship in New York City’s Hudson Yards. According to the CEO, the new store will offer a truly immersive experience in order to hook today’s customers. The three-story flagship will have coffee and pastries in addition to two full-service restaurants and bars — something the company described as its largest joint showcase of food and drinks.

Source: Forbes

Why beauty companies are making a play for SXSW – Glossy

Beauty brand L’Oréal made its way to SXSW this year. They hosted an interactive exhibit with uBiome called “Know Your Skin.” The partnership will allow uBiome to conduct research on the skin’s bacterial ecosystem to inform future product development for L’Oréal. According to SXSW, 47 percent of 2018 attendees were women, and 67 percent of all visitors were there to find new business opportunities.