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How Lebron James And The NBA Are Schooling Us About The Future Of Business – Inc.

Buzz is circulating about the NBA right now amidst the middle the World Cup. For those who aren’t NBA fans, its likely people still saw images of Lebron James on social media or TV. So why is this big news? Lebron James, the league’s premier player, recently signed a new contract with the LA Lakers for a substantial amount of money. Even though the NBA is a brand, it relies on independent personalities to build on relationships with its customers.


It’s Time for a Chemistry Lesson. Put on Your Virtual Reality Goggles. – The New York Times

Virtual reality has grown at a rapid rate across many areas and is making its way into chemistry. Simulations on screens have replaced Kendrew-style models, adding the capability to display movement, and now VR has integrated to molecule replications. A new tool allows researchers to control molecules in three dimensions ten times faster in virtual reality than on a screen.

Source: Helen Deeks and Matt Sutton/Interactive Scientific Ltd.

Amazon unveils its biggest Prime Day plans yet – The Drum

Starting on July 16, Amazon revealed its Prime Day will last 36 hours. To build up anticipation for the annual event, Amazon is placing giant “Smile boxes” in cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and Milan. Then, Amazon plans to “unbox” them ahead of Prime Day to reveal an exciting event, unique to each city.

Source: TheDrum

This company wants to sell you plastic-free air – Fast Company

Microplastics-tiny particles are best known for polluting water, but many don’t know they are also polluting the air. A Swedish air purifier company is guessing you don’t want to be breathing in the particles. Therefore, the business has come up with a marketing tagline for its ability to filter out microplastic stating “breathe plastic-free air.”

Source: Blueair