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5 Communication Hacks To Capture Your Gen Z Audience – Entrepreneur

It takes more than regular social media posts to truly connect with Gen Z. See insider advice on embracing and engaging this group of digital natives with a combination of creativity and authenticity. 

Millennials Vs. Gen Z: How CMOs Can Use Key Drivers – Forbes

From a marketer’s perspective, what are the key characteristics of Millennial and Gen Z customers? Check out the author’s thoughts and tips for crafting resonant messages to connect with these two generations. 

Gen Alpha: It’s Time For Marketers To Start Paying Attention – MediaPost

It’s time to do your homework on Gen Alpha, the increasingly influential generation of customers in the marketing world. The author dissects this generation’s digital habits and helps your brand’s message meet them where they’re paying attention. 

Teens Are More Online Than Ever, But Platform Preferences Differ: Report – Marketing Brew

Let data be your guide as you craft your social media strategy for 2024. Here’s a quick summary of the latest Pew Research report, which reveals several key insights about US teenagers’ social media use, from TikTok and Snapchat’s reign to the gender-based divides in platform preferences.