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Gen Z’s Views On Ad Tracking, A History Of TikTok And More – PR Daily

What’s the best strategy for brands to reach Gen Z social media users, the digital natives who are becoming increasingly knowledgeable? In this article, the author analyzes young American’s attitudes toward typical digital marketing tactics like ad tracking.

Marketers To Focus On Gen Z In 2023 With Dollars Moving To TikTok, Raw Approach To Creative – Digiday

Which social platform can generate the maximum ROI for your campaign? This article provides an in-depth look into Gen Z’s social media habits as well as how young users empower the evolution of social channels and influence culture. 

Chipotle Targets Gen Z With Wellness Snapchat Lens, Menu Items – Marketing Dive

New Year’s resolutions lead to new opportunities in marketing. Check out this article on Chipotle’s recent campaign on Snapchat for more inspiration.

Keep It Real Or Lose Gen Z – Wired

As young users push for more authentic and meaningful interactions on social media, what are new and old platforms doing to survive and hopefully thrive in 2023? The author, a seasoned investor in the tech industry, shares her own thoughts.