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Deinfluencers Are Hurting Dyson And Stanley. This Is How They Should Respond – The Drum

The author dissects the growing impact of deinfluencers, who are social media creators discouraging consumers from buying overhyped products. With examples from Dyson and Stanley, the article analyzes how deinfluencers’ content can significantly reduce brand favorability and purchase intent.

Female Creators And UGC Content Dominate The Influencer Marketing Industry, New Report Finds – Mashable

This article summarizes the most interesting findings from an annual influencer marketing report, highlighting female influencers’ pivotal role across social media platforms, customers’ rising interest in UGC, and the dominance of Instagram and TikTok in the industry. 

Why ‘Surprise And Delight’ Doesn’t Apply To Influencer Gifting Anymore – Marketing Brew

The author discusses the evolving landscape of influencer gifting, spotlighting the shift from bulk, unsolicited PR packages towards more thoughtful, sustainable practices. Starting from creators’ criticism of wasteful packaging, the article emphasizes a growing awareness of the environmental and practical inefficiencies of traditional product seeding. 

5 Vital Influencer Marketing Metrics You Should Know – Entrepreneur

This guide is your first step towards turning insights into action. By explaining key metrics like CPE and CPR, the author shares his tips on developing effective influencer partnerships. Whether you’re aiming to skyrocket brand awareness or drive sales, understanding these metrics is the key to making informed decisions.