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Everywhere You Look Companies Are Rebranding—But Why? – Forbes

Business runs at the speed of change in today’s marketplace. This author discusses how companies today are showing a greater willingness to embrace a new name, and take on the work of communicating the change to build stronger relationships. Find out more about the competitive advantage of rebranding in the full article.

More Than Just Hitting “Reset”: Changing Your Business Image – Swaay

One of the most challenging parts of changing your business image is to adjust your operations to suit the customers’ needs. In this article, the author discusses how transforming your organization to meet present and future customer demands impacts your business.

Rebranding? Ensure You Migrate Your Website Properly – PR News

Understanding the steps to execute a successful rebrand and seamless domain migration is critical to brand prosperity. Here, the author provides strategies to preserve your hard-earned SEO value and ensure a smooth transition while safeguarding your valuable website traffic.

Nickelodeon Rebrands For The First Time In 14 Years – Design Week

Children’s television channel Nickelodeon recently updated its visual DNA around its identifying bright orange. Learn more about the intention and strategies behind this rebrand, which resulted in a new logo, contrasting type family, and color palette that target preschool audiences.