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These Common Inclusive Online Marketing Mistakes Can Cost Your Brand Sales – Inc

The author, an inclusive marketing strategist, reveals some common mistakes that could hurt your brand’s bottom line. Check out her tips on effectively reaching underrepresented communities with simple yet impactful changes to your website’s customer experience. 

Does Adtech Promote Diversity And Inclusivity In Ad Campaigns? – Finance Magnates

How does today’s adtech help companies develop inclusive and diverse ad campaigns? The author analyzes the critical role of data quality, algorithmic bias, and the ethical responsibilities of advertisers in shaping inclusive marketing.

Unraveling The Multidimensional Consumer Tapestry: The Journey To Inclusive Marketing – The Drum

This is a must-read for anyone looking to weave inclusivity into their marketing strategies. Explore the four transformative steps essential for marketers to connect with their diverse consumer base.

How Women Drinkers Could Save The Male-Centric Beer Industry – BBC

Here’s how to boost revenues by embracing inclusivity. With examples from brands like Talea Beer Co, the author dissects the key strategic shifts in marketing and product development that are engaging a broader, previously untapped customer base.