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The Influential Executive’s Guide to Email Marketing – Entrepreneur

The power of email marketing shouldn’t be underestimated, even as social media continues to grow. Emails are equally influential and represent a huge market – these key ideas remind us why email marketing is a more direct and personal way to communicate.

Is Your (Lack Of) Social Media Strategy Killing Your Business? – Forbes

Social media is an essential tool for businesses to market to and engage with their audience. If not utilized to its fullest potential, social media can be disadvantageous to your brand Check it out to see if your company is falling into the trap of these common social mistakes.

The Future of Media Agencies – The Drum

The media industry revolution had caused tectonic changes for media agencies.  They are facing the greatest level of disruption in our vertical.  So, what does the future hold? This article explains why media agencies will continue to adapt to digital technologies and gain multi-faceted capabilities.

Snapchat’s new Context Cards use Snaps for spontaneous discovery – TechCrunch

Snapchat releases a new feature ‘Context Cards,’ transforming the app experience at a fundamental level. This new tool rivals Yelp, where users can discover more about any Snap shared by users – gaining access to restaurant reviews, reservations, calling an Uber or Lyft, and more.