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‘Generation Covid’ Stands to Change Marketing as We Know it- Adweek

Marketers are looking for insights as brands and industries are changing. Consumer behavior continues to shift as we enter 2022. Brand priorities and tech evolution are changing the way we engage; therefore, growth will only come from building meaningful relationships between people and brands.

Source: Adweek

TikTok and Instagram Allow Users to Subscribe to Influencers Directly: What Now for Brands? – The Drum

Instagram has begun offering a select group of its influencers the ability to sell subscriptions. It’s a move that shifts the power dynamic between brands, influencers, and audiences. What does it mean for the relationship between advertiser and audience? 

The Betty White Challenge Shows How the Power of a Hashtag Is Alive and Well – Forbes

When the hashtag first came into prominence, it seemed like a novel invention. It gets taken for granted today, but it is a way to unify and rally around one topic without much effort. Hashtags like this make it easier to see what people are saying throughout social media platforms.

4 Innovations That Give a Sneak Peek into the Metaverse – Inc Magazine

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the metaverse will be mainstream in five to 10 years. The new technologies could enable a user’s avatar to pick up and put down objects. There are many challenges with virtual and augmented reality including technology that is not advancing quickly enough. But Meta is determined, despite concerns from privacy advocates.