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LEGO And Snapchat Just Opened A Clothing Store With No Clothes In It – Forbes

The future of fashion is taken literally at Lego’s pop-up in Europe. As London Fashion Week approaches, LEGO Wear and Snapchat launched a clothing store with no clothes in it. The brands turned away from traditional retail models for an augmented reality version to promote LEGO Wear’s first limited-edition clothing line for adults.


2 Things Your Brand Needs to be Authentic – Inc.

A brand’s authenticity is a necessity in order to connect with consumers these days – especially GenZ. But how exactly is it achieved? Brands like TOMS, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lego all have one thing in common: social purpose. Consumer’s judge a brand’s authenticity by how driven a brand is to be caring and responsible.

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Super-sized Ikea tub toys are cleaning up London’s river trash – Fast Company

Ikea is known for using its products to raise awareness for global issues. This time, the company has taken its Smakryp tub toy and created a giant, remote-controlled robot version to help clean up trash in London’s River Thames. Ikea teamed with the local Creekside Education Trust to offer an educational experience for local families and invited them to help control the boats remotely.

Mother London

YouTube Unleashed a Conspiracy Theory Boom. Can It Be Contained? – The New York Times

YouTube star Shane Dawson has been at the forefront of conspiracy videos – releasing a couple hour-long documentaries. But YouTube is now cracking down on conspiracy theory videos by promoting fewer videos containing “harmful” misinformation. The issue for platforms like YouTube to mitigating these videos is clarifying the definition of “harmful” misinformation since there are many gray areas.

The New York Times