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Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul – The Drum

Lego is stepping up its sustainability initiative. The company recently made available a range of sustainable and recyclable bricks made from sugarcane plants. The eco-friendly ‘Plants from Plants’ range plans to rollout out across most platforms by 2030 as part of the company’s efforts to overhaul its manufacturing process.  

Source: Lego


There Will Be No R-Rated Features On Disney’s New Streaming Site – Fast Company

Disney’s new streaming service “DisneyFlix” (as people are calling it), is breaking away from Netflix. The new site will target families so that there are no R-rated movies. In addition, to differentiate itself from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video, Disney also plans to make only “quality” content.

Source: Fast Company


How 3D body scans are replacing fit models – Glossy

The conception of 3D body scanning has broken into the fashion industry. The technology aims to reduce waste and increase profit by making clothes that consumers are more likely to purchase. Recently, Fit3D launched BodyBlock AI, which is a range of services that utilize the company’s 500,000 body scans to target specific demographics.


Will The Smartphone Ever Truly Replace Your Beloved Wallet? – The Wall Street Journal

In today’s world, there is an app for everything. Even for our wallets, there are digital replacements of money, photos, and IDs, created as alternatives for wallets. It seems as though wallets are in its final stretch as digital security advances to keep information safer and lost or stolen items replaced more easily.

Source: The Wall Street Journal