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A.I. vs. Human Creativity: Where Do We Go From Here? – Muse by Clio

Can your AI assistant ever go wrong? This article analyzes the pros and cons of NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI tools, giving readers unique insights into their application in branding, advertising and marketing.

An AI-deal World: How AI Can Shape The Advertising Sphere – Brand Equity

How is AI going to change the advertising industry in 2023? Read the full article to get a better understanding of the technology’s potential.

Do Brands Own The Copyright On AI-Generated Ads? – The Drum

With a focus on the legal side of AI applications, the article taps into the potential copyright issues related to creative works made by AI.

Meta Implements New System For Addressing Algorithmic Ads Bias – Marketing Dive

By explaining Meta’s latest addition to its advertising mechanism, the author discusses how AI is helping companies fight bias and discrimination in online ads.