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Gen Alpha Loves Sports And Spends 3 Hours A Day On Social Media By Age 8 – Fortune

With a daily average of three hours spent on social media, Gen Alpha is not only influencing family purchases but also showing a surprising tilt towards sports, particularly soccer. Check out the author’s thoughts on this emerging audience’s unique digital dialect and what it means for marketers.

Gen Alpha Are Ready To Spend – And They Want To Be Treated Like Adults – BBC

Young consumers born after 2010 are navigating adult stores and reshaping the retail landscape. Join the author for a deep dive into Gen Alpha’s transformative impact on consumer culture, and discover how businesses can adapt to meet their demands.

3 Things to Know About Gen Alpha – Small Business Exchange

With a keen focus on aligning with brands that mirror their ethical and environmental values, Gen Alpha is reshaping the marketplace with their conscientious spending habits. The author shared in-depth insights about this young generation’s impact and how your brand can forge meaningful connections with them. 

From Walmart To Sephora, Gen Alpha Customers Are Requesting Products By Brand Name – Daily Dot

The author discusses how Gen Alpha is revolutionizing consumer habits with their early brand awareness and digital prowess, setting new trends for businesses to decipher. Dive into the full article to explore the profound impact of these young, discerning consumers and why brands are eagerly tuning into their preferences.