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Five Ways Marketers Are Using AI To Elevate Their Content Marketing Strategy – Forbes

Does crafting content from scratch sound onerous? AI is here to help. This article discusses how AI can help support content creation and optimization in different ways, as well as how marketers should incorporate AI into their existing marketing strategy matrix for maximum efficiency. 

Source: Unsplash

8 Machine Learning Examples From Brands To Inspire Digital Marketers – Search Engine Journal

Bold marketers, why not look at some of the most influential brands and borrow their machine learning best practices for your own digital marketing campaign? With examples from various industries, this article introduces some of the latest applications of machine learning that help improve efficiency and consumer experience.  

Source: Search Engine Land

Role of big data in digital marketing – VentureBeat

Is your marketing workflow data-powered? With a focus on the research side of digital marketing, this article explains the latest application of big data in the marketing industry, including customer research, sales data management and analysis, as well as growth measuring. 

1 million URLs: How to pivot your SEO strategy when you reach enterprise level – Search Engine Land

While more content posted doesn’t necessarily lead to better rankings, how do marketers keep attracting organic traffic in the long term? In this article, find tips and recommendations for technical SEO audit that can help improve the quality and visibility of your website.