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3 Digital Marketing Strategies To Optimize External Linking – Forbes

Links are among the top factors in SEO, but building external links can be challenging. This article discusses common pitfalls, and discovers some solid linking strategies that can bring a boost in ranking and credibility to your website. 

5 Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Create Marketing Content – Rocks Digital

Looking to use your content in a more efficient way? According to this article, repurposing existing content for different platforms helps save time and budget, while keeping messages consistent across channels. Click and check out the handy ways to give a boost to your content matrix. 

The Latest Social Media Ad Types To Explore In 2022 – Forbes

Are you fully leveraging social media for your ad campaigns? This article lists some of the latest features available on platforms like Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin, with detailed advice on how to use them for maximized exposure and improved user experience. 

How to Do Digital Marketing in the Age of Privacy – Inc

To reduce privacy risks and build trust with the public, digital marketers are looking to pivot from cookie-heavy targeting to more creative ways to reach their target audiences. In this article marketing professionals offer alternative and better ways to make your brand more visible without relying on highly specific personal information.