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Position Your Brand As A Leader In 2023 By Jumping On These 4 Trends – Entrepreneur

The article goes into detail on affiliate marketing, “lo-fi” content, and the rising importance of micro-influencers. A greater trend is the rise of transparency and authenticity in brands’ marketing and communication strategies. 

QR Codes Poised For A Resurgence In 2023 – Street Fight

You may not always love them as restaurant menus, but QR codes are here to stay. QR codes increase sign-up rates for retailer loyalty programs, replace the volatility of printed coupons, and have only become more reliable and consistent in the past few years. This article provides a deeper dive into the trend. 

Why Short-Form Video Is The Future Of Social Travel Marketing – Skift

Typically three to 60 seconds long, short-term videos are proving to be more attention-catching and entertaining than longer-form content. Many short-form videos engage audiences more easily, and give them a new way to authentically connect with their customers. 

CSR To Be The Leading PR Trend Of 2023, Ahead Of AI & Technology – PR Week 

Social responsibility continues to be critically important for companies large and small. The second-most popular topic is AI and Technology, which is growing but still has yet to be fully integrated into the PR industry.