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The experiential marketing landscape at SXSW 2024 was more dynamic than ever. From guerrilla tactics to immersive brand experiences, the author listed this year’s key trends and innovative strategies reshaping today’s brand engagement.

How To Not Market A Fantasy: Inside The Failed Willy Wonka Experience – CMS Wire

The author explores the collapse of the Willy Wonka Experience, where fantastical marketing promises met a stark reality in Glasgow, turning all the buzz into a viral lesson on the pitfalls of over-relying on AI in event planning. Check out the key takeaways from this marketing mishap before launching your next event. 

Why Events Need To Be More Sustainable – Forbes

Sustainability matters in today’s in-person events, because “events are not mere gatherings; they are statements of brand values, community connection and windows into a company’s essence.” The author, an expert in experiential event planning, shares his practical strategies for reducing waste, embracing renewable energy, and making every gathering a statement of environmental responsibility.

For your next event, incorporate the dynamic energy of sports figures to captivate your audience. From selecting speakers with genuine stories to tailoring their insights to your audience’s needs, this guide shares industry experts’ top tips for bringing the spirit of sports into your future gatherings.