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Instagram Is Adding A New Feature To Share Moments, Just Like BeReal – Digital Information World

How is Instagram doing with the increasingly fierce competition of social networks? In this article, the author compares Instagram’s potential new feature, Glimpse, with its rival BeReal.

FBI, DHS, And Social Media Firms Like Meta, TikTok Aren’t Adequately Addressing Threat Of Domestic Extremists, Senate Report Says – NBC

What are social networks doing to protect users from extremism? This article introduces major social platforms’ efforts, and interprets a senate report related to this matter.

“Mark Has Surrounded Himself With Sycophants”: Zuckerberg’s Big Bet On The Metaverse Is Backfiring – Vanity Fair

Meta has invested heavily into the metaverse, but what do investors and employees think? This article shares various stakeholders’ views on Zuckerberg’s controversial exploration of the metaverse.