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Nike releases ‘Don’t Do It’ ad addressing racism in America – CNBC

Nike’s latest ad is going against its slogan, “Just Do It,” we’ve known since 1988. The video shared on Twitter titled, “For once, Don’t Do It,” was released as crowds around the nation protested the death of George Floyd. The ad hopes to inspire action against this issue and encourage individuals to help shape a better future.

Source: Nike

Cheez-It rewards binge-watching in a promotion with Amazon Prime – Ad Age

Cheez-It is partnering with Amazon Prime to encourage binge-watching. The deal is called, “Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream,” which offers five dollar Amazon credits to users who sign up for the program and watch certain programming monthly on Amazon Prime. The Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream provides the snack company a new way to reach consumers who may bypass snack aisles in grocery stores and paying less attention to TV commercials.  

What is Blackout Tuesday? Apple, Spotify join music industry’s response to George Floyd’s death – Fast Company

This past Tuesday, people participated in #BlackOutTuesday in response to the country’s current climate. Apple Music and Spotify took part in the movement by making some changes to the app. Apple Music decided to put parts of its service on pause by replacing the For You, Browse, and Radio sections with a “Listen Together” link to a streaming station packed with African American music. Spotify decided to add eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence to certain playlists and podcasts.

Will Marketers Revert To Nostalgia In The Coming Hard Times – Forbes

Everyone experiences nostalgia at some point in their life — something that has also been used as a strong marketing tool for consumers to feel more emotional about a brand. Many brands have implemented nostalgia as a tactic by bringing back a popular product, reviving a successful ad campaign, or celebrating an anniversary. In the current climate of a pandemic and protests, people are looking for companies they’re comfortable with and they can trust now more than ever.