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Oprah, Is That You? On Social Media, the Answer Is Often No. – The New York Times

Identity theft on social media has become a widespread phenomenon. Many of these fake Instagram accounts mimic people to spread propaganda or to be sold as followers to those who want to seem influential. Specifically, celebrities have become the main target of these phony accounts to broadcast falsehoods, cheat people out of money, and worse.

Source: The New York Times


Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws by 2020 – The Wall Street Journal

The movement to ban plastic straws started in 2015 when a video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose went viral. The pressure for companies to stop serving drinks with plastic straw from advocacy groups continues to strengthen. Starbucks is responding by phasing out single-use plastic straws and switching to strawless lids or alternative material straws by 2020.  

Source: Starbucks


‘No comment’: The death of business reporting – The Washington Post

For many reporters, getting in touch with a company’s executive suite can be a challenge. In the past, companies would gladly provide journalists with information for a story. But, times have changed. Now, the only way reporters can reach many companies is by sending an email to an email drop-box or leaving a message with a virtually unmanned “media hotline.”

Source: Washington Post

Stella & Dot is using AI to guide its 30,000 global sellers into apparel business – Glossy

Stella & Dot is known for selling accessories, and now, it’s adding a full apparel line to its inventory. The company found a balance between AI-backed algorithms and personal stylist relationships in its mobile app. Stella & Dot’s 30,000 stylists have the support of algorithms, which are designed to analyze its customer pool and recommend outfits through its new “style boards.”