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15 Strategies For Turning ‘Dry’ Topics Into Engaging Stories – Forbes

The most effective way to capture potential customers is grabbing their attention through a captivating story. An engaging story may not only hook consumers’ interest once but can keep them coming back — possibly even going viral. But, what do you do if your brand’s product or subject is considered dry? Here are the best strategies for turning “dull” topics into engaging stories to capture an audience and even new customers.

Applebee’s went from being killed by millennial diners to making the biggest comeback in the restaurant business – Business Insider

This was the year for Applebee’s. After a few bad years, the restaurant chain had the industry’s comeback for 2018. Applebee’s struggled to reach millennial diners as it wasn’t “cool” and it seemed nothing could fix it. Until it launched Dollarita, a $1 margarita deal that immediately boosted sales. The propelled a cheap-drinks revolution, with new limited-time beverages priced at $1 to $3 rolling out every month.

Source: Business Insider

PowerPoint Is the Most Efficient Way for Kids to Manage Their Parents – The New York Times

Having a creative presentation is the new method for children to reach their ambitions. Growing up in a world where personal relationships are gained through digital products, children are now convincing parents through PowerPoint presentations to get what they want. Children believe that their presentations convey what they’re asking for really matters and makes an entire case without being interrupted by a parent’s quick “no.”

Source: The New York Times

Google Assistant is reportedly coming to Samsung TVs – The Verge

Starting in the New Year, Samsung’s 2019 TVs will incorporate Google Assistant. Samsung’s current TVs are limited to the company’s own Bixby voice; however, Bixby’s functionality is lagging from its competitors making the addition of Google Assistant a significant shift for Samsung. In addition, Samsung’s new televisions are expected to generate better sound by automatically adapting the audio to the room. 8

Source: The Verge