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With Brand Loyalty Fading, Customer Experiences Now Determine Business Fate – Forbes

With near limitless choice and information at our fingertips, power dynamics quickly shifted. The connections companies once had with consumers became diluted, the influence they used to wield started to wane, and many “blue chip” organizations are now facing an uncomfortable reality.

Consumers are no longer loyal to brands. They have become loyal to experiences.

How Brands Are Innovating Gifs In Social Media Marketing Campaigns – The Drum

Video strategies have seen a surge in popularity in recent years due to the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels. Showing personality is pivotal for brands looking to form an engaged audience, and many have taken to creating unique gifs and looping videos to convey their ethos and products, and spark conversations.

Reebok’s New AR Tool Helps Basketball Players Set Up Their Own Courts – Marketing Dive

Reebok is leaning into the power of mobile technology for a purpose-minded campaign intended to support city youth who may not have the resources to access official sports facilities. The “Courting Greatness” push focuses on features like AR that its target audience of Gen Z and younger kids are already familiar with having grown up as digital natives.

Source: Reebok

Perfection Is Passé: Brands Redefine Beauty Marketing – Vogue Business

The pursuit of perfect skin is taking a backseat to a new “skin positivity” movement as backlash against social media pressure to be wrinkle-free, pimple-free and overall imperfection-free grows. Brands and tech platforms, wanting to stay ahead of the cultural curve, are rethinking their marketing strategies to set more realistic expectations and steer positive conversations around beauty.