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Cracking The Code: Gen Z Engagement Through Audio Advertising – Exchange Wire

Sound media platforms provide a unique opportunity for brands to captivate a generation of consumers who increasingly seek immersive experiences. Consider this author’s insights on ways brands can leverage the ability to transcend temporal and environmental barriers to open up new avenues of advertising.

Audio Advertising: How Audience Buying Is Helping Brands Connect With Their Target Market – The Drum

Consumer behaviors have shifted, and preferences are now evolving into new spectrums in digital advertising. In this article, the author introduces “audience buying” and its influence on integrating audio technology into your branding strategy.

Why So Many Brands Use Sound To Make You Buy Stuff – The Hustle

How do brands approach competition knowing that even a subtle distinction in their identity can be the key to their survival? Learn how companies like Ricola, Netflix, and Liberty Mutual leveraged audio advertising to develop loyalty and gain market share in highly saturated industries.

Mastercard’s New “Sonic Logo” Will Play Every Time You Make A Purchase – Quartz

Mastercard introduced its new “sonic logo,” a captivating audio signature accompanying every purchase, creating a personalized customer journey. Discover how this cutting-edge audio technology enhances C2B affinity to redefine how we interact with transactions.