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Can This Brooklyn Entrepreneur Reinvent Public Relations? – Forbes

A new software,, helps clients do their own public relations. The service allows users to find the right people to pitch by searching for keywords, competitors, niches, and publications, and also helps them find reporters who are looking for stories. Could this be where the future of PR is headed?

Rocket Launches and Trips to the Moon We’re Looking Forward To in 2018 – New York Times

If you enjoy astronomy and space, then 2018 is looking exceptionally bright. NASA announced windows of time for sending spacecrafts to Mars and the sun. Here is a list of scheduled space launches to look out for. 

5 ways Amazon influenced the fashion industry this year – Glossy

Amazon has yet to win over the fashion industry, but over the past year, the electronic commerce company has made impactful strides in this area. Amazon released two fashion-focused services: Prime Wardrobe, which lets customers try on a selection of styles before committing, and Echo Look, a voice-activated personal stylist. Fashion brands still hold out on partnering with Amazon, however, most have felt its effects.

Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

In 2018, technology is expected to get more powerful a bigger than ever. Electric cars, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence are expected to take leaps forward. To help you prepare, The Wall Street Journal’s released its annual roundup of tech in the year ahead.