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Olay Launches #DecodeTheBias Initiative to Fight Discriminatory Beauty Searches – AdWeek

Algorithms are not exempt from exhibiting bias. In fact, the very opposite is true: Because they are coded by humans, algorithmic results are often a reflection of their creators. This is especially evident in basic beauty searches, which often prioritize white models and Eurocentric features.

Source: Olay

Five Marketing Mistakes That Can Sabotage Customer Engagement – Forbes

There are several marketing mistakes companies take that misfire. Failing to maintain a comprehensive and high-quality customer experience, releasing irrelevant content, and projecting inconsistent messaging will ultimately hurt businesses. Conveying an authentic, consistent, and audience-attuned voice through appropriate channels will allow brands to effectively resonate. 

The Next Generation of Experiential Will Be Unlocked Through Your Phone’s Camera – The Drum

Merging the online and offline worlds is central to the next wave of experiential marketing. With the rising use of QR codes and AR technology, brands have an opportunity to connect with customers on an immersive scale. From events with scannable stations to specialized purchase locations, brands can engage audiences by bridging digital and material life. 

Supply Chain Disruption: Fashion’s Christmas Concern – Vogue Business

From clogged pores to raw material shortages, the list of challenges for global supply chains is relentless. Luxury fashion is not immune from fallout. The global supply chain for a broad range of products – including fashion – is under unprecedented stress in the countdown to the upcoming holiday season, when retailers and brands can make up to 35 percent of their annual sales.

Top 5 Trends In Experiential Marketing In 2021- The Drum

After over a year of incessant Zoom calls and hours spent in front of a screen, the demand for experiential marketing is greater than ever. Pop-ups add a localized touch while immersive entertainment (like VR) taps into the growing metaverse trend. From holographic technologies to 3D anamorphic displays, out-of-home (OOH) advertising has opportunities to innovate beyond the traditional billboard. Additional trends in experiential marketing include enforcing COVID-19 safety measures and considering accessibility needs. 

Jeep Launches Its Own Custom Guitar Along With Detroit Dreamers Song: Exclusive

Jeep has long used music to help sell its iconic SUVs, and now the car manufacturer is making the leap to crafting its own line of guitars. The Detroit-based brand has partnered with Wallace Detroit Guitars to launch a custom guitar featuring the Jeep Army Star graphic.

To help kick off the marketing campaign on Friday (Sept. 17), Detroit Dreamers, a duo led by Cherrytree Music Company founder and former Michigan resident Martin Kierszenbaum, is releasing “Dreamers,” a custom track written for the initiative. The “Dreamers” video premieres below.

9 Powerful Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing- Tech Bullion

AI optimizes digital marketing by recognizing customer needs and delivering pinpointed advertisements. Taking into account customer behavior, emotions and interests, AI makes online advertising cost-effective and strategic. Powering Chatbots (a rising trend in social media marketing), AI allows brands to interactively and immediately communicate with consumers. In addition, AI is influencing SEO practices, voice search, and video marketing. 

Why Nielsen’s Failure Is An Opportunity For The Industry- Adweek

News that Nielsen is no longer accredited by the Media Ratings Council didn’t surprise anyone. But the news should be a wake-up call for the industry to unite around a common solution for the industry-wide challenge of measurement and data.