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Coca-Cola revamps entire range as it sticks by unified pack strategy – Marketing Week

Coca-Cola has decided to completely re-design the cans for its regular Coca-Cola and Diet Coke sodas to unify its “zero sugar” offering. The new design is simplified to feature Coke’s classic red color across all varieties, with each logo now raised to the label’s top. The cans will release globally to get customers to try all of the company’s different offerings.

Source: Coca-Cola

Denny’s Made Pancake Slippers Fit For Breakfast Lovers Stuck at Home – AdAge

Denny’s is joining the limited edition merchandise craze with its new product launch. The restaurant released a limited amount of branded pancake slippers on its Twitter in the form of a sweepstake for the first users to comment on select posts. The slippers were released on April 20 to coincide with “one of the most couch-potatoiest days of the year.” In addition to the sweepstakes, one pair of slippers will be sold on Grailed, with proceeds going to charity.

Source: Denny’s

Has Snap laid the foundations for AR to be taken seriously? – The Drum

Snapchat has been a leader in augmented reality (AR) since it began using the technology in 2015. Face-mapping and other versions of AR have now been a long-standing part of the Snapchat brand, guiding other brands toward the same technology. Fashion brands have turned to AR to let users see what they would look like in their clothing from home. Now, 75% of Snapchat users utilize the AR features daily. The abilities AR offers are only growing, as it only is getting more advanced and other brands realize the impact this technology can make.

Source: Snapchat

For Earth Day, New Belgium Brewing Created a Beer With Post-Climate Apocalypse Ingredients – AdWeek

Climate change is an important issue that continues to impact our planet. New Belgium Brewing Company is taking action with its latest initiative of honoring Earth Day by creating a special beer. The beer is called Fat Tire Torched Earth Ale and is made with ingredients available in a future that the brand says it, “hopes doesn’t exist,” which includes smoke-tainted water, dandelions and drought-resistant grains. The idea is that in a world that has been ruined by climate change, only ingredients in the beer would be available. While the beer admittedly does not taste good, the brand is sending a message anyway.

Source: New Belgium

Most Trusted Brands 2021 – Morning Consult

Morning Consult’s Most Trusted Brands offers key insights for brands looking to establish trust with consumers in a time when trust matters more than ever. It surveyed 330,000 global consumers across 15 markets to provide a world view on why trust matters now for today’s brands and businesses, the current state of consumer trust across brands, categories and institutions, and how current events change the dynamics around trust. The report revealed the most trusted brands globally for 2021, which includes Google, PayPal, Microsoft, YouTube and Amazon in the top five.