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Startups are racing to commercialize DeepFakes’s powerful, internet-breaking AI – Fast Company

Almost a year ago, an anonymous Reddit user named Deepfakes changed the internet. The account uploaded a machine learning model that could swap one person’s face for another in any video. Now, many startups are looking to use similar technology by using AI to push the boundaries of media manipulation from faking voices to faking avatars.

Source: Unsplash

Welcome to The New Era of High Fashion and Video Game Collaborations: Inside Moschino and The Sims Partnership – Fortune

Luxury fashion brand Moschino partnered with The Sims to create the latest version of high-fashion product placements in video games. Moschino launched its Sims-inspired capsule collection during the week of Coachella featuring a roller rink, famous DJs, celebrity appearances and a catwalk. Now the 80 million-plus Sims players can wear the exact Moschino sweatshirt as their avatar while playing the life-simulation video game.

Source: Moschino

What We Can Learn From Our Experiences As Consumers – Inc.

We are all consumers, but do we ever really look into our experiences as a customer and wonder how it can apply to your company? No matter what industry whenever we have a good or bad experience, do you go into work thinking about how to make sure that does or does not happen at your company? Everyone can make an impact for the company they work for based on their day to day life especially when we decide to take action.

Source: Getty Images

Inside Sephora’s #SephoraSquad influencer ambassador program – Glossy

Sephora has a new influencer strategy called #SephoraSquad. The beauty retailer has worked with paid and unpaid influencers in the past; however, the Squad program is designed to find “unique, unfiltered, sorry-not-sorry storytellers.” The new partnership program will receive peer and professional coaching, content, product collaborations, and networking opportunities in exchange for content support on influencers platforms.

Source: Glossy