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Image Source: Bratz

How to Get Celebrity Endorsements And Grow Your Brand – OK Magazine

Many brands collaborate with celebrities to boost their presence and gain recognition, but how do you determine whether this strategy is ideal for your company? This author offers insights on how to foster meaningful connections with audiences through celebrity endorsements, as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

Bratz Launches First Celebrity Collaboration Inspired By Kylie Jenner Looks – WWD

The reality star has teamed up with Bratz dolls for a new collaboration featuring some of Jenner’s most iconic looks. See how Bratz is leveraging this celebrity collaboration to mark a new stepping stone in its history.

The Effectiveness Of Celebrity Endorsements In Brand Promotion In 2023 – Business Outreach

Celebrity endorsements can be a powerful tool to raise your brand awareness, when done correctly. Consider this author’s advice on ways to collaborate with celebrities efficiently to boost your marketing success.

The Taylor Swift Official State Sandwich: Politicians Understand Swifties Are A Key Demographic – WGNTV 

From New Jersey’s Taylor Swift Ham, Egg and Cheese to Pennsylvania’s Swiftsburgh, local or state governments have lauded Swift in various ways at every stop on her tour. Learn how politicians are leveraging celebrities to appeal to their demographics and even win votes.