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Super Bowl Commercials 2019: Brands Play It Safe and Look to the Future – The New York Times

The hype for Super Bowl Sunday is not just for the game, but a time for the advertising industry to shine. As in years past, brands pay millions of dollars to get a coveted spot during the big game. This year, advertisers seemed determined to stay clear of controversy and offer commercials that celebrate women, look ahead to the future, inspire nostalgia, and of course highlight celebrities.

Source: Stella Artois

A Software Strategy For Generation Z – Forbes

It’s been said that GenZ can see or feel no obvious distinction between their physical or digital lives. Therefore, IT systems should be human-like and emulate real-world human experience to a finer and more advanced degree. So how do firms adjust its software development strategies to accommodate GenZ? These are the six strategies you need to know.

Source: Forbes

Dunkin’ Image Refresh Enabled by Tech, Says IT and Strategy Chief – The Wall Street Journal

Dunkin’s concept stores are relying on cloud services to help them better compete. Tech upgrades like its cold-brew tap system aim to attract customers that would visit other stores operated by a coffeehouse competitor. Technology upgrades are becoming a necessity to decade-old retail brands. As of October 2018, Dunkin had more than 60 stores upgraded with technologies.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Your online shopping has a startling hidden cost – Fast Company

Free returns have become an addictive habit for consumers. When shopping online, people tend to think twice about making a purchase if the company doesn’t have a flexible return policy. Over the past two decades, e-commerce has greatly increased with 27 percent of apparel sales made online. Many consumers surprisingly buy clothes with the explicit intention of returning them.

Source: Fast Company