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Supreme fans pay more than 10 times cost for copies of New York Post thanks to front-page advert – Independent

New York Post sparked chaos around the city with its latest front-page promotion. Supreme, a New York-based skating brand with a cult-like following, redesigned the front page of the newspaper in conjunction with its latest fashion line. The paper quickly became a collector’s item as Kiosks across the city reportedly ran out of copies before 1:00 pm, with customers reselling their copies for up to twenty dollars on eBay.

Source: Instagram


This robot uses AI to find Waldo, thereby ruining Where’s Waldo – The Verge

Google’s Cloud AutoML Vision service enables users to create custom machine learning programs with zero coding required. Using this artificial intelligence service, the creative agency redpepper created a robot that, when shown a spread of Where’s Waldo?, will answer the title’s question. The robot analyzes the faces and, with a mechanized arm, points to its best guess. This fun creation may have few practical applications, but it does demonstrate the adaptability and increasing accessibility of AI software.

Source: The Verge


An inside look at how Perricone MD overhauled its brand to boost sales – Glossy

Rather than succumb to subpar sales, Perricone MD has launched a new strategy to target a more product-appropriate demographic. Utilizing its data, the skincare brand decided to reposition its message to reach Baby Boomers and Gen X, shifting away from the millennial market. The campaign focuses on highlighting successful women in science to create an emotional connection with the brand audience.

Source: Glossy


Why the Trolls Are Winning the Internet: Ex-Reddit CEO Speaks Out – Inc.

In a compressive interview, former CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao explains the deep-rooted issues with lack of diversity in Silicon Valley while remaining hopeful for the future. Pao believes we have reached a critical moment for women in the male-dominated industry, recognizing that people are finally starting to acknowledge issues related to lack of diversity and push for change. Pao also warns against the lack of authenticity online and calls for greater regulation of the biggest internet companies.

Source: Inc.