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TikTok to host its own digital fashion month – CNN

The month of September is one of the fashion industry’s biggest event: Fashion Month. In light of COVID-19 restrictions, TikTok has decided to create its own online fashion month. The widely popular video app will be teaming up with luxury brand like Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton to share a series of live-streamed runway shows and exclusive collections. TikTok’s Fashion Month plans to host two live streams per week and offers as “immersive” experience in response to the decline of events and shows due to the pandemic.

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ House Will Be Available to Rent on Airbnb – Variety

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ the TV show is making the iconic house available for rent in partnership with Airbnb. Los Angeles County residents can book a stay at the home in October, which will only cost $30. The experience will be decorated with family portraits, graffiti art, and a Philly cheesesteak will be served.

Taco Bell unveils new house wine, Jalapeño Noir – The Takeout

This week, Taco Bell announced that it would sell a limited-edition pinot noir fittingly named “Jalapeño Noir.” The wine is designed to be enjoyed with its Toasted Cheesy Chalupa so that it “complements notes of wild strawberry, cherry, and beetroot in this silky limited-edition red wine.” It’s a unique move by the fast-food company to pair Mexican cuisine with wine, and not a margarita.

Source: Taco Bell Canada

Babe Wine creates candles with jockstrap, nacho and grass scents for NFL kickoff – Marketing Dive

After being named NFL’s official wine sponsor, Babe Wines is teaming up with Ryan Porter’s Candier brand to re-create the gameday smell for sports fans. With the kick-off of football season, Babe has invented three stadium-scented candles, including Hashtag Field Goals, Jockstrap, and $18 Nachos. Hashtag Field Goals candle has a hint of turf, Jockstrap features the players’ locker room scent, and $18 Nachos is inspired by overpriced nachos for sale at live sporting events.

Source: Babe Wine