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The Luxury Marketing Conundrum: From Aspirational to Inspirational – Forbes

Beyond emphasizing glamor and prestige, what do highly effective luxury marketers do to keep the audiences interested in the long-run? Check out this article about how to focus on quality personal interactions and customer service that caters to a niche audience. Also, dive into the rationales behind investing the marketing budget towards reaching those who both need and can afford your product. 

Why Keyword Research is Useful for SEO & How to Rank – Search Engine Journal

Most SEO advice emphasizes the importance of keyword research – but where should you start? Check out handy advice from the frontline – define your desired keyword categories, understand your keywords instead of just following trends, and aligning your content with search intent as well as latent meanings behind the keywords.

The Next Frontier in Branding? Logos You Can See From Space – Fast Company

Solar panels are more than just an eco-friendly power solution. For big-name brands like Tesla, Disney, and Target, the negative space between strategically arranged panels creates logos visible from space (and Google Earth). This unique trend called “roofvertising” allows businesses with the budget to take their branding to a new level. 

Source: Fast Company

Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Be About Conversations, Not Interruptions – Inc. 

Many brands focus on repeated ad interruptions to win over consumers. However, in a saturated media marketplace, brands must emphasize value propositions over flashiness. Releasing educational content can compel viewers to watch longer-form native content. Streamline your marketing strategy with sequential messaging and retargeted ads.