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Ikea Created an Augmented Reality ‘Escape Room’ on Snapchat – AdWeek

Swedish furniture brand Ikea has created a virtual escape room for customers. The augmented reality “escape room” is featured on Snapchat, giving users tasks to organize items with Ikea’s products. The experience takes place in a mini bedroom that allows people to superimpose the bedroom on any surface with their smartphone. Users can work to move furniture around, record their solutions and share it with friends on Snapchat.

Source: Ikea

First-ever space hotel slated to be operational by 2027 – New York Post

Orbital Assembly, a space colonization company, has announced plans to construct the first-ever low-orbit space hotel beginning in 2025. It is hoped to be operational by 2027. The fully loaded hotel will have amenities, shopping, and restaurants, along with the novelty of being in space. The hotel’s rotation will simulate gravity, which the company views as an essential feature.

Source: Voyager Station

SXSW Builds a Virtual Austin – AdAge

South by Southwest (SXSW), known for its experiential conferences, festivals, and exhibitions, is looking to do something completely different this year. SXSW plans to give its festivalgoers as close of an experience to the real thing as possible. In the same vein as the popular video game Animal Crossing, SXSW has taken that format to create a virtual version of Austin, TX. People can explore the city and attend events from their homes as the virtual event goes as scheduled.

Source: SXSW

4 Reasons TikTok Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan – Entrepreneur

TikTok has emerged as the go-to social media platform of the modern age. Rapidly growing into the powerhouse it is today, it is now an essential part of any marketing strategy. One reason for that is TikTok is now home to every key audience, and its prominence has pushed it into every age group. Additionally, brands like Ocean Spray have utilized this platform to become relevant again.