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Blink and You’ll Miss It: The Rise of Short-Lived Marketing – Vogue Business

Ephemeral content is becoming increasingly important for both brands and influencer partnerships. These sponsored posts last for under 24 hours (such as those shown on Instagram Stories). Influencers are increasing the price for permanent in-feed posts, making short-lived marketing a more viable option. Given that most impressions are made within 48 hours, ephemeral content can retain the reach of in-feed posts. Keeping pace with ever-changing online trends is crucial for campaign success.

Post-Pandemic Branding: Does Yours Still Fit? – The Drum

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the ‘new normal,’ many B2B businesses are emerging with an evolved context, and even new offerings and business models compared to what they entered the pandemic with. This adaption can mean that now the business itself is somewhat misaligned with the brand messaging and identity.

Eyeballs Versus Precision Marketing: Why Do Advertisers Still Spend on Awareness Marketing? – Forbes

Mass marketing has retained its appeal, but distinctions must be made between expected outcomes. Marketing to a broad audience does not guarantee conversions or the attention of an ideal customer. Cultivating brand awareness can be helpful initially, but more established businesses should emphasize targeted methods. Clarify goals and strategically allocate ad spending to maximize ROI.

The Top 10 Email Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022 – Cofounder Mag

Optimizing email campaigns in 2022 will involve heightened message personalization, emphasis on privacy, and communication minimalism. Reducing bells and whistles and sticking to short, plain text emails may help readers focus. Messages customized to the nuances of the target audience facilitate connection. In short, the email marketing of 2022 cuts to the chase with the recipient in mind.