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Generation Z, You’re Adorkable – Bloomberg

For decades, Big Pharma encouraged teens to conceal and control their acne pimples by promoting treatments and advertising models with flawless skin. Until recently, as the market has been disrupted with an “acne positivity” movement. Skincare brand Starface has lead this movement among GenZ that is trending between dorky and adorable.

Louis Vuitton Cartoon Characters Touch Down at Beverly Hills Pop-Up Store – The Hollywood Reporter

The renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton recently opened a pop-up shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to showcase its new line of men’s clothing. The store features a large inflatable cartoon dragon, giant red shipping container display pieces, and QR codes for social media rewards. The pop-up launched on February 6 and will run through early March.

Source: Louis Vuitton

Brands bet big on star-studded Super Bowl ads, here were the winners – Good Morning America

Super Bowl commercials took center stage this year as marketers and ad agencies navigated how to hit the right chords with consumers during the pandemic. Some of the top ads combined humor and celebrity partnerships like Amazon’s commercial with Michael B. Jordan calling him the “perfect vessel” for its new Alexa. Another top spot was Jeep’s ad, voiced by Bruce Springsteen, with a powerful message about America finding common ground.

TikTok races ahead of Facebook, Google and Twitter in fight against harmful content – The Drum

The media and society have always had a close eye on social media platforms to monitor harmful content better. In the second half of 2020, the latest social powerhouse TikTok and Reddit ranked well ahead of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms will continue to be on a higher alert for the spread of misinformation and hate speech.