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Whitelisting At Scale In Influencer Marketing Campaigns – Fast Company

In this article, the author discusses the importance of whitelisting for influencer partnerships, as well as some of the most crucial steps to scaling the whitelisting process for better campaign results.

Five Steps For Finding The Right Influencer For Your Brand – Forbes

With a focus on influencer research, this article provides the basic steps for marketers to identify the most appropriate influencers for each campaign, including how to facilitate the selection process with the help of key social engagement metrics.

Best Practices for Video Production in Influencer Marketing – Influencer Marketing Hub

This article provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of how to leverage different video features to maximize the social buzz for influencer campaigns. Take a deep dive into production techniques, and discover tips for mainstream platforms including Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitch.

6 Influencer Marketing Mistakes You’re Making Right Now – Talking Influence

What will break an influencer marketing campaign? This article lists the most commonly made mistakes that lead to under-expectation results, where marketers can learn from others’ failures before launching their own influencer partnerships.