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Mother’s Day Spend To Hit $33.5B – Retail Customer Experience

This article offers an overview of the latest consumer trends ahead of Mother’s Day. Explore how shoppers plan to celebrate with everything from lavish jewelry to unique experiences, and learn how businesses can best cater to their customers on this special day.

As A Motherless Marketer, I Say The Industry Needs To Do Better On Mother’s Day – The Drum

As Mother’s Day approaches, a motherless marketer calls for a shift in the industry’s approach to the holiday. Emphasizing the painful impact of traditional celebratory marketing on those who have lost their mothers, she shares a deeply personal perspective on how brands can resonate authentically with all consumers during this emotional time.

Companies Letting Customers Opt Out Of Mother’s Day Ads – CTV News

Echoing the rising awareness of inclusive marketing, many companies are giving customers the option to opt out of Mother’s Day emails, acknowledging that this day might also bring discomfort or pain for personal reasons. See how brands like Reformation demonstrate empathy in their marketing strategies.

Five Last-Minute Tips For Mother’s Day Marketers – The Retail Bulletin 

The author offers five last-minute tips to enhance your Mother’s Day marketing campaign. From sharing inspiring stories to engaging with giveaways, these strategies are designed to make each offer feel special, stand out in the inbox, and drive conversions.