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Ariana Grande Has Launched Her Very Own TikTok Challenge Inspired by Her “Thank U, Next” Fragrance – Teen Vogue

TikTok has a new celebrity user, but she isn’t making meme-able videos of herself just yet. Ariana Grande is challenging TikTok’s users to make a video inspired by her latest fragrance, Thank U, Next. The #ThankUNextSpritz challenge encourages fans to “spritz away” anything in life that’s bringing them down.

Now that Ikea has colonized Earth, it’s going after Mars – Fast Company

Two years ago, Ikea sent designers to live in a research station that mimics a Mars habitat. Now, they are ready to redesign the station itself. The Swedish furniture giant is already planning ways to create tiny living spaces for the future when humans will travel to planets and live in tiny habitats. Based on initial designs, these future homes seem quite comfortable with clever storage systems, warm lighting, and little greenhouses full of plants.

Source: Inter Ikea B.V.

Uninterrupted extends its audio presence with athlete-curated playlists – The Drum

Pandora is releasing new athlete-curated playlists due to a new partnership with SiriusXM and sports media company Uninterrupted, co-founded by LeBron James. The collaboration showcases the deep emotional connection between athletes and music and gives fans a new way to connect with the athletes they love. Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham Jr, and Draymond Green are among the athletes providing “warm-up playlists,” offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at their musical pre-game routines.

Source: Uninterrupted

Amazon created a musical keyboard to help developers learn about AI – Engadget

AWS DeepComposer is Amazon’s latest technology launches. This week, the company announced what they claim is the world’s first machine-learning enabled musical keyboard. People can use the instrument to create a melody, and then with the help of the DeepComposer toolset, make new compositions. In addition, Amazon will have pre-trained algorithms that can enhance melodies as rock, pop, jazz and classical songs by adding surrounding musical elements.

Source: Amazon