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TikTok Takes A Page From Instagram Playbook, Adds Text-Post Feature – Insider Intelligence

TikTok’s latest innovation as it expands beyond short-form videos with the addition of text-based content. Explore how the platform is adapting to social trends with its latest feature supporting text posts.

Meta’s Threads App Is Rolling Out A Following Feed – TechCrunch

While Threads has taken the web space by storm, there’s still room for improvement. Learn about the latest updates on one of its most sought-after features since its launch: a “Following” feed.

YouTube Updates Marketers Need To Know – Social Media Examiner

Social media platforms are transforming social media landscapes with innovative features. Discover how Youtube is making sure it’s not left behind. Check out essential insights from this author to stay ahead in the digital game.

Twitter To Restrict Number Of Direct Messages Sent From Unverified Accounts – The Hill

While some platforms are leveraging the new text-based trends, Twitter has announced its latest changes to its direct messages feature. See its newest updates here.