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How Yahoo Is Bringing Web3 to Life with Its Future Shock Campaign – Mediaweek

Web3 is here. Do you get its power? Read about Future Art, Yahoo’s integrated campaign that bridges the gap between digital and real-life experiences via Web3 technologies, which involves crypto artists, NFT artworks, and art festivals. 

Source: Mediaweek

A Framework for Customer-centric Content Creation – ClickZ

Have you conducted a thorough evaluation of your existing content marketing strategies? Focusing on the purpose, audience, value and execution of content marketing campaigns, this article provides a comprehensive yet practical framework for marketers and communicators to craft strong content that sticks and converts. 

Source: Unsplash

Salesforce Leans In to Web3 with New NFT Cloud – Virtualization

Salesforce has recently launched the NFT Cloud, a pilot product that enables brands to build customer experiences in Web3 environments. Check out this article to learn more about the features of this offering and what it can potentially bring to marketing and PR professionals. 

The ‘Netflixization’ Demand In Marketing: Raising The Bar On Creativity – Forbes

How do brands cater to consumers’ ever-changing tastes and rising expectations? This article reveals the commonly made mistakes as well as recommended practices for efficient content development, prioritization and implementation for today’s B2B marketers.